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Categories and types of pits

Categories and types of pits

There are a number of different categories and types of pits. At Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου we all know all of them and also how to treat every situation. Talking about the different categories and types of pits, we should mension that every house owner is going to have to involve with them. Even in cases that you make your best for your plumbing, it is the time that passes that do harm in this type of systems. More often it is just the nedd to drain them, as a result of their use in every day that passes.

There are  two main categories of cesspools, that include that absorbent type cisterns and watertight type cisterns. We can, however, categorize the construction of cesspools into four essential categories. More specifically we have:

The type of waterproof cesspools

This is the original case where the cesspool actually trap the sewage and store it inside. Because watertight pits do not have the ability to empty on their own, or in a natural way, it is necessary to empty the pits much more often unlike the other cases. This process is done with large, special trucks for evacuation of cesspools, such as those available in the fleet of their vehicles of Antoniou Obstructions.

The Absorption type pits

Here we have to do with the type of pits that allow the absorption of sewage from the ground. Essentially, their bottom is open and has contact with the soil, from where the water is absorbed. Over the years, however, the absorption pits gradually begin to lose their absorbency and unfortunately their biggest disadvantage, is that they pollute the environment much more. So even though in the beginning we need to empty our wells very rarely until never, as the years go by their emptying is more and more necessary and more frequent.

Septic tanks cesspools

In this case we are talking about those wells, that manage to effectively decompose organic wastewater to create the so-called sewage sludge. The water that is absorbed by the soil in this case does not contain organic substances. But we should mension that the same does not apply to pathogenic microbes and microorganisms, which eventually contaminate the soil and the aquifer with their presence.

The biological septic tanks

Biological septic tanks are those that collect wastewater and then empty it, with the help of specific microorganisms. The water resulting from this process is cleaner now and is removed immediately, to another adjacent tank. From that point on, it can now be used continuously for watering plants and crops. Thus. it can help in protecting the environment and save a significant amount of water. Every few years, in the case of biological septic tanks, tank evacuations are needed. This is mainly done as a maintenance metro.

Effective sewer maintenance and septic tank evacuation

Too many people most of the time do not pay any attention to the maintenance of their septic tank.As a result it unfortunately leads to some point, where  they face difficult and extreme situations, which in the end cost more money and bother them unnecessarily. Periodic emptying of the septic tank for its proper operation in the long run is practically imperative.

Sewer evacuations should be done every few months or even a few years, depending on the size of the construction and the use of each septic tank. Apart from the fact that with this specific process the sewage is removed and thus the overflow is prevented, the emptying of the septic tank also helps in the smooth operation of the construction seals, as well as in the absorbency of the biological and septic tanks.

Common problems that can be caused in a septic tank

The most common problem for cesspools is that they fill with sewage. This leads to the need of a cesspool evacuation, to address the problem immediately. When we have overflows and leaks, we have a big problem. The one of pollution of the clear waters and the aquifer is created at the same time. Antoniou can cover with his services the whole Attica and are immediately at your disposal, He can help you whenever you face an emergency issue, one of unblocking or evacuating a septic tanks.

However, in any case, the biggest and at the same time the most dangerous problem is that the sewage unfortunately has the ability to create damage to the structures. Especially to the foundations of a building that is located nearby. Under the right conditions and with the help of time they can cause significant corrosion in the concrete. Also they can cause oxidation in its reinforcement. This can be particularly dangerous for the construction and the very statics of the building.

The typical features of a saturated septic tank

It is important to note that sometimes a saturated septic tank does not give early warnings in order to quickly perceive the problem. So when we get to the point of having unpleasant odors and seeing the dirty water filling the kitchen and the bathroom, then basically all one can do is contact for septic tank evacuation and nothing more.

In other words, there are no typical features that warn us and lead us to a more timely treatment. Even the stench can often be due to the decomposition of fats and can be solved simply by a sewer cleaning. It is also possible that some sewer pipes are clogged with oils and other organic solids and that a workshop is needed for blockages rather than septic tanks.

What Antoniou suggests is to always have your mind at the level of your sewage tanks. Also to carry out more regular maintenance work of your septic tank and periodic evacuation of them. This may seem like a lot to you at first, but believe me this is not the case. In the long run you will end up paying much less money and at the same time you will avoid unpleasant situations and emergencies that certainly cause great inconvenience and dissatisfaction to all of us.



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