How can I turn him on?


You may think that arousing a man and making him want you is a difficult task, but it isn’t as difficult as you thought. A few basic tricks on how can I turn him on by Athens escorts are enough and you will probably have success if you use them. Here are some basic tips, general and specific, that you should keep in mind in order to know how to turn him on. Men are not a particularly difficult case in sex. You do need to have some things in order to turn them on.

Contrary to what most women assume, what turns men on is not just about personal moments and by no means does it start and end there. So if you’re wondering how can you turn him on do not immediately go to tricks and techniques concerning sex. They will certainly help, but the key to making him want you like crazy is elsewhere.

Play with his ear

The lobe of the ear and not the inside is one of the most erogenous zones. Speak in his ear and play with your tongue at that point. The bite also is a hot move in more wild situations.

Play with his fingers

Another erogenous zone is the fingers. Not so much for the feeling itself, but for theimplication of the movement when you put them in your mouth and lick them. Okay, we do not need to describe above.

Send arousing messages

It is not about sex per se, but a sexy message can do the job and bring ideas to his mind. We leave its content to your disposal. From nude photos to extensive details, everything is acceptable according to its character.

Make some noise

The biggest complaint men make in bed and in the preliminaries  is that women usually keep it really quiet. Sigh, shout or take deep breaths during or before. Men go crazy for auditory stimulation.

Play innocent

One thing that turns men on is the virgin nature of women. Play the innocent and shy to some extent, and you will soon find that this role turns him on.

Praise him

Praise him, but in moderation. Men like to appreciate their abilities. Tell him how hard / good he is during or after sex. With this verbal reward he is sure to do what he can and not only to please you every time. Men are excited when their ego is stimulated. Compliment him for the size of his genitals, his strength, his nice body add extra points.

Talk dirty to him

The dirty talk in sex is not graphic, as long as you do it right. Most men like to talk dirty to them before or during sex, so you should base this on that. The easiest way to use dirty talk is to tell him what you want to do to him. This in combination with a sensual touch or movement of the body is a way to turn him in.

Give a base to the mouth

Oral sex will leave him speechless, unless you are doing it for the first time, but it still takes effort to be bad. So do not be afraid, put imagination, mood, art and passion and it is certain that everything will go well. If you still have doubts about how and what, see here a detailed guide for super mouth.

Spice up things

There is nothing better and more hot than a woman in bed than knowing how to alternate things between oral sex and intercourse. You can start from the top, and just before he come go down. After a while again on top of it and so on. until you decide that the whole situation should “end”.  It would be good to look at him during the mouthful, to control his reactions and to seduce him with your gaze.

Take initiatives

In the living room or in the bedroom, no man will be left if he sees you, um, “playing” a little alone caressing specific parts of your body. In fact, the majority of men light up only at the thought that a woman can be complacent with their thinking. Also, this image brings to mind memories of porn, which further intensifies the erotic mood.

Do not hesitate to reveal a wilder side of yourself

Sure, everyone likes a sweet and cute girl that they will easily present to their mom, but if you want to make him want you like crazy you have to throw this mask over you and reveal your wildest and boldest side to him. There is nothing that can ignite yours more than knowing that his girlfriend, in addition to being sweet and cute, is hiding another side that holds only for him and only for special occasions.

Drink, laugh out loud, look at him slyly and smile suspiciously as you do something shocking that he does not expect from you. If he learns that you are hiding a mysterious wild side, he will not come off you.

Do not stop flirting with him

Just because you are officially dating does not mean that you will stop flirting with each other. You can play various games with him when you are out, such as playing strangers who just know each other, playing roles that excite you and flirting too much with each other as if trying to seduce each other. Show him that the love between you is still alive and wild.

Do not hesitate to flirt with others in front of him, surprising him but of course in moderation and you will always show him that in every match he is the winner. It is just good to know that there are other candidates who want you and so he will want you even more. You will always show your undivided attention to whoever is besieging you and this will upset him even more.

Do not be ashamed to show skin

The truth is that every man wants his girlfriend when he accompanies her to be beautiful but at the same time to look modest in terms of clothing and overall appearance outdoors. Nevertheless, if you surprise him somewhere in a meeting by wearing something revealing and looking at him in a way that you are not used to, be sure that this will ignite him. Especially as soon as you tell him that you wore it for him. If you show a little skin, as much as you need to spark his imagination, he will long for you.

In order to turn him on then you need to learn how his mind works and what matters most to him. If you succeed you will become even more desirable than him and the more he wants you the easier you will turn him on. It is not enough to be beautiful and sexy nor to be good in your personal moments.

It’s definitely a big advantage, but it does not mean that it gives you the answer to the question how can I turn him on. So, with the above secrets by escorts call girls, you can impress the man you are interested in, seduce him, ignite him and at the same time make him fall in love with you. Is there a better combination?

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