Why User Experience is at the heart of SEO

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Why User Experience is at the heart of SEO?

Your website has life! It is constantly updated, follows the behavior of your customers and evolves with SEO technology. When building your website, the goal is always the future development of the brand, the identification with your audience, and finally the increase in sales.

But how is this identification with the customer achieved that will lead him to choose your product or service?

The answer lies in the user experience, i.e the experience that each user experiences when they visit your website. See the user experience as an SEO tool that will keep it in your digital environment, offering it pleasant and easy navigation as well as a clear message for your brand.

Below we, Paramarketing SEO Agency present the basic elements on which a unique user experience serves its purpose, i.e the creation of a fanatical audience is based!

SEO User-centric content

The user is the big protagonist of your digital presence. You rely on him, you rely on him and you aim to satisfy him. A common mistake is to create SEO content – texts, photos, videos – that focuses on the company and not the user. Thus, what corporate websites often present does not correspond to what users are really looking for. Users get tired and frustrated and quickly leave for another website.

The well-designed user experience – user experience – “thinks” like the user, and tries to understand his needs and motivations. It evolves with it because tastes and desires are constantly changing and often unpredictable. With the help of analytics, you can get an idea of ​​how site users are behaving and make corrective changes. Technology enables you to measure the actual users who use your website and improve their experience, depending on the conclusions that emerge.

A prerequisite to offer your users a unique navigation experience is to create SEO content through their own eyes!

User experience = SEO but also human language

SEO Website design based on user experience directly affects the digital image of your brand. Part of this experience is definitely the language and style you choose. Simple and understandable language quickly conveys information and facilitates communication with the public. Isn’t that the goal after all?

At the same time, the targeted vocabulary and the clear structure improve the SEO of your website and bring it higher in the Google ranking. So use simple and understandable language that ensures comfortable navigation of the site by people but also by search engines, cf. Google.

After all, the user experience is part of Google’s latest algorithm for ranking websites internationally. Do not forget that your digital presence has no geographical boundaries. Use simple and understandable language that is aimed at a wider audience, has better performance, and wins the user.

User experience = Consistency and functionality

An enjoyable digital experience also requires SEO consistency. This is very important for modern users who are surrounded daily by a huge amount of information which they often do not even manage to process. Consistency in design avoids confusion.

When your website remains consistent, both visually and in its functional part, the user feels familiar and confident in the digital environment. To attract your audience and keep it on your website, consistently cultivate a relationship of trust.

The pleasant and effective user experience makes his life easier and can turn every visitor into a loyal follower of your brand. It’s definitely the most effective way to get your website up and running!

Paramarketing SEO Agency is trained in creating SEO FRIENDLY websites that focus on the user experience and we will be happy to work with you to build your website. It is worth knowing that after the construction of your website we undertake the maintenance that includes the sending of a monthly report that informs you about the SEO performance – SEO analytics – of your site.

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